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'Clarity, analytical ability & creativity are timeless marketing skills'

Our Managing Director & CEO, Sudhir Sitapati shares his thoughts on The New Marketing Playbook and what will and won’t change.



Volumes to recover after two quarters along with margins: Godrej Consumer

Sudhir Sitapati, our Managing Director & CEO, talks about the outlook and impact of hyperinflation on volumes and margins, GCPL’s vision towards building sustainable, double-digit sales growth, and more.



'Commodity prices likely to remain high for 4-6 months'

Sunil Kataria, our CEO - India & SAARC, shares how GCPL is increasing its focus on building core categories and launching strategic products, maximising go-to-market coverage, and more.



2022 - Definitely, Maybe: Hybrid lives, healthier societies, an omni-world and less brand-speak

Our CEO - India & SAARC, Sunil Kataria tries to crystal-ball gaze into 2022 and shares his top 5 ideas on some of the transformative, disruptive ways that our lives will change.



How India’s Godrej Consumer Products innovates for emerging markets

Nisaba Godrej, our Executive Chairperson, talks about meeting the world’s intrinsic need for high-quality, affordable, and sustainable home and personal care products.


The Hindu BusinessLine

Godrej Consumer Products bets on e-comm for wider distribution

Sunil Kataria, our CEO - India & SAARC, discusses hiring talent for a full-fledged team to expand our e-commerce business, addressing inflationary concerns, growth in discretionary categories during the pandemic, and more.


Business Today

‘I learnt early on to stay on the horse’

Our Executive Chairperson, Nisaba Godrej speaks about her personal leadership journey, passions outside work, GCPL’s vision towards delivering sustainable double-digit growth, and more.



Fast & Spurious: The Jumbo Fight

Our CEO - India & SAARC, Sunil Kataria shares how GCPL will continue innovating to provide safe, effective and affordable solutions to combat vector-borne diseases.


Entrepreneur India

The Turnaround Man

Sunil Kataria, our CEO - India & SAARC, shares his reflections on leading and navigating through the COVID-19 pandemic.



'Govt must provide stimulus to the urban poor segment'

Sunil Kataria, our CEO - India & SAARC, shares GCPL's approach towards launching digital-first brands, rural and urban demand trends, acquisitions, and more.


The Hindu BusinessLine

'Targeting growth from e-comm-first products'

Our CEO - India & SAARC, Sunil Kataria talks about GCPL's ongoing experiments with digital, another busy year for innovations, demand outlook for the FMCG sector, and more.


The Economic Times

'We must look to the future and reset with courage, and not fear'

Nisaba Godrej, our Chairperson & MD, shares how we are reimagining portfolio and category strategy, integrating ESG in our operations, and building forward with hopeful realism.


Business Standard

'Consumer has become an omni-channel shopper'

Sunil Kataria, our CEO - India & SAARC, talks about fundamental shifts in consumption following the second wave of COVID-19 in the country.


The Times of India

Godrej Consumer on market expansion drive

GCPL CEO (India & SAARC), Sunil Kataria talks about how we are adapting and innovating, leveraging technology across our operations, and building new capabilities, to be more agile.